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  1. Yorkshire Terriers

    Yorkshire Terriers

    Covers basic information on feeding training and showing your pet in dog shows if so desired. contains a detailed explanation of obedience training so that your dog will be well behaved and have good manners.

    Product Details
    Contains information on how to become a responsible owner of a yorkshire terrier. details proper selection feeding grooming housing and training techniques.
    64 paes soft cover 50 full color photos
  2. Yorkshire Terriers

    Yorkshire Terriers

    This book is specially designed for new owners of dogs. includes instructions on obedience training. learning to obey commands will help to keep your dog safe and happy all its life. also discusses dog behaviors and what to do if your pet gets sick.

    Product Details
    Complete guide designed for the new owner. teaches responsible ownership of a yorkshire terrier. includes information on selecting feeding housing grooming training showing and breeding your dog. also includes a brief history of the breed.
    Contents guide index color pictures 160 pages hard cover
  3. Yorkshire Terriers (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

    Yorkshire Terriers (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

    The Yorkshire Terrier is a fun, spunky breed. This book includes practical grooming advice as well as the latest positive training instructions for housetraining your Yorkie.
  4. Your Inner Dog: Discover What Your Favorite Breed Says About You

    Your Inner Dog: Discover What Your Favorite Breed Says About You

    For Pet Parents who wonder what their choice of dog reveals about themselves, Your Inner Dog provides a humorous, lighthearted look at how your choice of canine characterizes you--with coverage of the dog-human angle unlike any other book on the market. This humorous, fun, and lively book invites dog owners to discover what your favorite dog breed's physical traits and personality say about you.

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