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    Feed Supplement for Poultry



    Chicken Food - Made in the USA

  3. Oral Cal MPK   500 ml

    Oral Cal MPK 500 ml

    Calcium/Phosphorus/Magnesium/Potassium/Dextrose In Water.
  4. Optimil Concentrate

    Optimil Concentrate

    Calf supplement mr type b medicated feed

    Product Details
    Mix optimil
  5. Optimil Complete  4 oz

    Optimil Complete 4 oz

    Medicated calf milk replacer offers complete nutrition and medication in one convenient package

    Product Details
    Mix one packet of optimil complete into 2 quarts of warm water bottle feed two quarts of solution twice daily
    4 ounces
    Whey protein concentrate dried whey product animal fat preservced with bha bht citric acid and ethoxyquin dried whey dried skimmed milk dried milk protein lecithin potassium chloride dextrose calcium carbonate
  6. Optimil Complete   3.5 lbs

    Optimil Complete 3.5 lbs

    Complete nutrition and medication in one convenient package. direct-fed microbials have inhibited growth of pathogensand enhanced growth of beneficial bacteria in the small instestine in research trials.

    Product Details
    Using the enclosed scoop mix 4 level measures into 2 qts of warm water. bottle-feed 2 qts of solution twice daily. feed as the only source of milk replacer for 2-3 days to aid in the treatment of scours. recommendation are included on product label.
    3.5 pounds
    Contains optimin or proteinated trace minerals which offers better absorption by and utilization of animals under difficult dietary conditions. contains 20% fat to provide high energy intake for scouring calves with low milk consumption.
  7. One Day Response 2.5 oz x 24 dose

    One Day Response 2.5 oz x 24 dose

    Minimizes weight loss caused by dehydration. highly palatable-readily accepted when fed by bucket or bottle. easy to mix and feed.

    Product Details
    Mix 1 packet (2.5oz) with 2 quarts of warm water. administer the mixture orally to the calf every 12 hours. resume regular diet within 48 hours (or less if calf responds favorably after one or two feedings).
    2.5 ounces
    The first and only oral rehydrant for calves that contains medium chain triglycerides a readily digested quickly utilized energy source. exclusive formula contains psyllium electrolytes and energy sources.
  8. One Day Response  3.15 lb Pail

    One Day Response 3.15 lb Pail

    Nutritional supplement for young calves/helps calves resume no- rmal diets quickly-usually after 2 feedings/minimizes weight loss caused by dehydration/easy to mix and feed/readily accep- ted when fed by bottle or bucket/do not premix

    Product Details
    Mix 1 packet(2.5oz)w/2 quarts of warm water.administer the mix-ture orally to the calf every 12 hours.resume regular diet wit-hin 48 hours(or less if calf responds favorably after 1 or 2 feedings)
    Psyllium seed husk suctose salt(sodium chloride)sodium citrate sodium bicarbonate medium chain triglycerides potassium chlor-ide glycine sillicon dioxide magnesium hydroxide


    Dried Whey Protein Concentrate, Dried Whey, Animal Fat (Preserved With Bha, Bht, Citric Acid & Ethoxyquin), Dried Whey Product, Coconut Oil, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Citric Acid (Preservative), Lecithin, Ethoxylated Mono-Diglycerides.

  10. Niacin Energy Drench Plus Vitamins  1gal

    Niacin Energy Drench Plus Vitamins 1gal

    Niacin-energy drench plus vitamins. oral nutritional supplement for ketotic cattle. for animal use only. this product supplies vitamins and nutrients to the ketotic cattle.

    Product Details
    Use on every fresh heifer and on ketotic cows. niacin-energy drench provides niacin to counteract ketosis propylene glycol for the energy deficient fresh heifer and b vitamins to stimulate the appetite. 200 milliliters feed immediately after calving
    Niacin vitamin b6 vitamin b12 propylene glycol vitamin a acetate deactivated animal sterol cyanocobalamin dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate riboflavin supplement calcium pantothenate folic acid pyridoxine hydrochloride choline bitartrate etc.

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