Read About Pond Fish Diseases

Fish diseases are an unfortunate fact for many pond fish. Here's what you need to know about some common Pond Fish Diseases.

If your fish are acting strangely, check all the water conditions before suspecting a disease. If the water conditions are off, disease treatments will be largely ineffective in curing any problems.

Ich (White Spot)

Ich, or White Spot, is caused by a parasite that appears as tiny white dots the size of salt crystals stuck to a fish's sides. Other symptoms of ich include low energy, appetite loss and rubbing against pond objects in order to try and dislodge the pesky critters. There are commercial preparations available to cure ich but adding salt to the water for a few days is often just as effective.

Fish Lice

These tiny crustaceans latch onto the sides of fish and look like small algae patches. Fish lice can make fish vulnerable to bacterial infections. Look for a medicinal cure at your pond supply shop.


Flukes are the most common parasites found on pond fish. They can be very dangerous to your fish and should be treated with potassium permanganate immediately.

Bacterial Infections

Bacteria are always present in pond water and they will not negatively affect your fish unless the fish become vulnerable due to a parasitic infestation or poor pond water quality. Symptoms of a bacterial infection may be fin and tail erosion, tail redness or fins, or ulcerated sores. Antibiotic treatment will be necessary to treat the infections.