Read About Pond Care While You Are Away

Keeping up with Pond Care While You Are Away is important to the survival of the animals and plants in your pond. Here’s everything you need to know about Pond Care While You Are Away.

Check The Water

To maintain Pond Care While You Are Away, make sure that you’ve recently changed the water. Also, make sure that the water level is filled to capacity to decrease the chance of the water level getting dangerously low while you’re away.

Make Sure Fish Are Fed

To make sure the fish are fed, you can hire a neighborhood kid to watch the pond or, you can buy automatic feeding device that can be set to a timer so your fish receive a certain amount of food at different times of the day. If you don’t want to incur this expense, divvy up daily food packets so he person feeding your fish doesn’t over feed them. Make sure to leave plenty of extra food just in case you return later than expected. Do not introduce new fish, new food or new hardware before you leave because you will not be there to deal with possible adverse affects of these products.

Keep Out Predators

To keep out predators that might have time to attack the fish while you’re gone, place a net or shield over your pond so they can’t get in. Make sure this guard doesn’t restrict the fishes’ access to sunlight, oxygen or food. Sometimes predators are shy around humans but may approach the pond when humans leave.