Read About Reptile Amphibian Care While You Are Away

If you're headed out of town, you're probably worried about leaving your little critters behind. Here's what you need to know about Reptile and Amphibian Care While You Are Away.

Keep Them Happy at Home

It's always better to leave retiles and amphibians home than to try to take them with you on a trip. The equipment and supplies required are a nuisance to travel with and, besides, your pets will be very stressed out by the rapid changes in environments. That level of stress can lead to him refusing his food, behaving aggressively and withdrawing completely from any form of socializing.

Find a pet sitter experienced with reptiles and amphibians or a trusted friend who you are sure is up to the job. Snakes require such little day-to-day care that it only makes sense to let them stay home. Feed your snake and make sure it has a full, tip-proof water bowl right before you leave. Have someone check in on it once in a while and feed it if necessary. Most snakes only eat once a week anyway.

Other reptiles and many amphibians require more attention, however, so you'll need to make arrangements for regular care. If you're leaving insectivores be sure to leave plenty of insects and a little cash in case the sitter has to replenish the supply. Leave a good supply of prepared veggies for your veggie eaters. Socialized animals will benefit from a little one-on-one time with the sitter before you leave. No matter how little attention your pet requires, someone should be on alert in case the neighborhood loses power.