Read About Small Pet Weight Management

Just as with humans, it's important to your small animal's health that he eats a healthy diet and not too many treats so he doesn't get too round to fit through his habitat tunnels. Here's what you need to know about Small Pet Weight Management.

The Proper Diet

Each small animal's diet requirement varies, so take care to purchase a mix that's specially formulated for your pet's species. Don't feed hamster food to a Guinea pig and vice versa. The seed, nut and pellet mixes sold at pet stores and online are generally very good but try to stick with a well-known brand from a reputable source. Take care that your pet isn't just picking out all the tasty nuts and seeds and leaving the rest. Those fat-filled yummies will produce one rotund rodent. If it seems like a problem, remove the seeds and nuts from every other food ration to encourage him to eat a healthier mix. Many small animals like fresh fruits and vegetables (pesticide-free of course) but stay away from lettuce and citrus fruits.

Limit Goodies

Just as we must limit treats in our own diet, we must limit treats in our pets' diets too. Small animals should never be given human sweets as they can cause real digestive problems and are just plain not good for them. But specially formulated pet treats and bits of apple or carrot and even dried peas or lentils make a tasty treat. Just be sure to limit treats to less than 20 percent of your pet's total diet to keep him fit, trim and healthy.