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Common New Small Pet Problems

Common new small pet problems differ from small pet to small pet. Hamsters do not share the same new small pet problems that fish or birds have.

Common hamster problems

Lucky for you, hamsters are pretty sturdy and will usually stay healthy if they are kept in a clean cage, given good food and water and kept in an area of the house where they are safe. However, they’re not invincible and they will get sick. Some common new small pet problems that pertain to hamsters include infections, parasites and diseases.

If a hamster is going to get some kind of infection, it’s generally going to be a skin or respiratory infection. Skin infections are common new small pet problems for hamsters and other small pets. You can tell if you hamster has a skin infection because it will have a lump on its skin or cuts in its skin. These infections are normal, but should be attended to. Large lumps could mean that your hamster has a pussy build up and needs to have the pressure and infection drained by a vet. Hamsters also get ringworm and mites. Ringworm looks like a round patch of dry skin. Mites will make your hamster lose his hair. You can tell if your hamster has a repertory infection, or cold because he will sneeze and have drooping eyes, just like humans do when they get sick.