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Safety for You and Your Horse

Safety for you and your horse is very important and should be considered at all tmes. You must never assume your horse would never do something. Make sure your attention is on your horse and the surroundings at all times.

The schedule of you and your horse is important and it should be routine all year round. Always analyze your feed products for your horse, make sure the feed is not too rich for its system and that nutrients levels isn't causing it to be lazy. Good muscle tone and flexibility for you and your horse is also important in lessening the severity of injuries.

Make sure that when you tie the horse, the place you tie it up is sturdy and can with stand the pull and jerking of the horse. When tying up your horse you also need to make sure to tie the lead up no lower than the horse's head and no more than an arm length. Also, never duck under the lead, your horse will pull back and you will get injured, always walk around your horse.