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Dog Ear and Tail Docking

Dog ear and tail docking is a widely debated issue in the dog world. There are some who are totally against and then there are those who absolutely prefer it for their breed of dog. Docking or cropping is defined as a removal of part of an animal’s ears or tails. This procedure is basically cosmetic surgery for your dog and is a decision that is totally left up to the dog owner, at least in the United States.

Traditionally, dog ear and tail cropping was performed for helpful and practical reasons. It kept working animals, such as field dogs or hunting dogs from getting their tails or ears entangled. It also kept their tails from catching on bushes or in fences. It was also used as a means of making a protective dog appear fiercer in order to ward of intruders or attackers. Today, dog ear and tail docking is done strictly for cosmetic reasons or for show.