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Training Your Bird to Sing

Training your bird to sing is something many bird owners look forward, although they may not always know how to go about it. Most bird owners have plenty of questions about how best to go about this task, how soon they can expect results, and how many different types of sounds their bird will learn. All of these answers will vary from one breed to another and even from one individual bird to another. Remember that patience and consistency are important in any form of training, and training your bird to sing is no exception.

Most experts agree that the most successful method of training your bird to sing is through frequent and consistent interaction. Most birds learn to sing in much the same way that babies learn to talk, by repeating what they hear most often. Surrounding your bird with whistling sounds and songs will help them learn to recognize musical sounds. Making consistent whistling or singing sounds each time you enter the room will help him learn to associate these sounds with greetings. This consistent use of particular sounds is more effective for training your bird to sing than if you constantly vary the noises he hears.