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Grieving the Loss Of Your Reptile

Grieving the loss of your reptile is a difficult process for many, more so if your pet used to be around for a long time. Pet reptile may not cuddle up next to his owner, or make funny sounds, but that doesn't mean they can't make dependable, loving companions.

Reptiles, like other pets, have their own temperaments that endear them to their owners. Your own way of grieving the loss of your reptile is not the same as the next reptile lover. Each compassionate pet lover has his own way of expressing grief over the loss of his pet.

For some, death of a pet is more difficult than the loss of a human loved one. With the death of a human loved one, the bereaved usually receives more emotional support from family, friends, among others. But when a pet dies or when grieving the loss of your reptile, even well-meaning people who do not understand the level of bonding you've had with your pet can come up with hurtful comments about losing "just an animal", or "you can always get another one". For others, the grieving process is swift and less emotional. This doesn't mean they did not love their pets as much, it was just their personal reaction to the loss.