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The Most Popular Snakes

Snake enthusiasts will often debate which the best snakes are and that is completely subjective, but what cannot be denied are the most popular snakes. With the broad spectrum of snakes available as pets, there are popular snakes at every level.

Beginners often find themselves quite pleased with their new pets. Snakes are clean and quiet and many “beginner” snakes are quite affordable. The docile nature of what are considered great snakes for beginners encourage snake owners to not only learn more (a great snake reference book is vital) about their kind of snake, but also others for when they are ready to branch out and explore more challenging snake species. At this level, most entry level snake owners seek out Corn, Milk and King snakes. They have a very mild temperament, are readily available, are easily fed and housed and live between twelve and fifteen years on average. All of these are contributing factors to their overwhelming popularity.