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Choosing Amphibian Housing Accessories

Choosing amphibian housing accessories is not as simple as picking bits and pieces for other small animals. A great deal of thought must be put in mimicking their natural environment. Considerations in choosing amphibian housing accessories must include materials that will make your pet feel at home.

To give your pet a suitable terrarium to live in, you should pick an appropriate substrate in choosing amphibian housing accessories. Most owners choose aspen wood particles for most amphibian species. However, some amphibians require greater humidity or moisture, so instead of aspen, some owners give moss or cypress as substrate. Rocks, branches, driftwood, hide boxes, plants (artificial or live) also offer versatile uses when choosing amphibian housing accessories. Aside from their decorative purposes, they also create hiding spots, basking sites, and visual barriers for your beloved pet. They also aid in shedding. A reminder though, if you should choose to put live plants in your pet's terrarium, do your homework and make sure they are not toxic. Generally, owners prefer putting in artificial plants because they are more convenient and cheaper to maintain.