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The Three Easiest Snake Species to Care for

Snake enthusiasts are frequently looking for greater challenges as they begin to branch out into new and interesting snake species, but for beginners, their introduction to snakes can be made much easier by knowing the three easiest snake species to care for. Starting slowly in the snake world and educating yourself as to the particulars of snake care are imperative.

One of the most popular snake species because they are very easy to care for is the Corn snake. Corn snakes come in a variety of colors and are extremely docile. Their demeanor is what makes them most attractive to new snake owners. Most Corn snakes sold today are usually hatched in captivity, but there are a few which are wild-caught available. Feeding these snakes can be very simple. In the wild, Corns are known to eat lizards and small birds and many are even known to prefer eating a small lizard as to the more popular choice for snake owners, mice. Younger snakes need smaller food. Most Corn snakes are between three and four feet long at maturity.