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Choosing Air Travel Supplies

When you and your cat are preparing to travel by air, choosing air travel supplies is a necessity. When choosing air travel supplies, be sure to include the following items: carriers; food if usual variety not available where you are traveling or at least enough to acclimate your cat to the new food; water from home to at least to use to acclimate your cat to the local water; harnesses, leashes, extra collar with identification; grooming supplies; toys; cat litter; cleanup supplies; and first aid kit.

Some type of travel carrier is the number one purchase when choosing air travel supplies for your cat. Most airlines will allow you to take a cat into the cabin of the plane if the flight is under six hours in duration. So when making reservations, ask exactly which carriers, size and weight are accepted. Soft-sided and hard-sided carriers are both made of waterproof materials and are easy to clean if an accident does occur during traveling, but need to meet the dimensions of the airline you have booked to travel. Select a carrier that has secure door latches with plenty of ventilation holes. The following identification should be prominent on the airline approved cat carriers – your name, phone number, destination and phone number when traveling.