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Most Popular Cat Breeds

The most popular cat breeds, according to Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), are as follows: Persian Maine Coon Exotic Shorthair Siamese Abyssinian Rag doll Birman Oriental American Shorthair Tonkinese This is based on the number of cats registered, by breed, with CFA for 2004.

Longhaired Persian cats some of the most popular cat breeds, especially among longhaired breeds. They are docile, loving, and calm, with distinctive “pansy-like” faces. Long flowing hair covers their compact, heavily boned bodies.

The second of the most popular cat breeds, Maine Coon Cats, are large, semi-longhaired cats with sweet, friendly natures. They originated in the state of Maine in the 1850’s, when seamen brought home longhaired cats who mated with local shorthairs. The resulting kittens grew into strong sturdy cats with tails that resemble the brushy tails of raccoons, thus the name. In order to withstand the harsh winters of Maine, these cats developed thick coats. Their coats include an undercoat and thick, glossy top coat.