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Cat Seperation Anxiety

Were you aware that cat separation anxiety is a real illness? Yes, it sure is and it may be affecting your cat. When people think of separation anxiety, most people picture babies or small children crying when their parents leaving them with a sitter or at school. But this form of anxiety can affect the feline species as well.

Overly dependent cats usually exhibit signs of cat separation anxiety on a daily basis. A cat may also develop this problem when there is an abrupt change in the home such as a change in work schedule or the loss of a family member.

Some people would believe that cat separation anxiety is a genetic predisposition, more common in some breeds of cat than others. But then others believe it may stem from experiences as a kitten. Improper bonding with their mother may cause a fear of abandonment which will turn into a form of cat separation anxiety. If a cat is separated from his mother too early or never properly cared for by mom then this could be their fate.