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Choosing a Cat Kennel

Choosing a cat kennel that is appropriate for your cat is an important responsibility for all cat owners. You know the nuances and fears of your cat and should go about choosing a cat kennel that matches your cat’s personality. At some point, you cat will need to be kenneled and some pre-planning on your part can greatly alleviate any anxiety you may have. A cat kennel provides you with a dependable, secure and safe place for your cat to stay while being taken care of by full-time, knowledgeable and experienced kennel staff.

When choosing a cat kennel, you should not wait until the last minute to locate a reputable kennel. During peak travel times (holiday and summer vacation times), you may need to reserve kennel space weeks or months in advance. Be sure to check with friends or your veterinarian to recommend a kennel or which kennels to avoid! There are associations that inspect and certify cat kennels so you may want to inquire with these agencies to see if they have any members in your area. As a last result, you can look in the yellow pages for choosing a cat kennel near you.