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Bird Travel Cages

Bird travel cages let you take your bird on car trips, trips to the vet or even long distance plane rides. Here’s everything you need to know about bird travel cages.

Why would I need bird travel cages?

Like dogs, birds like to go on trips. They like to be taken out of their cage because they’re usually confined to their cage 24 hours a day. Bird travel cages let you take your bird on road trips and hikes. Bird travel cages are even designed to take your pet on longer vacations.

What kind of bird travel cages are there?

Like birds, bird travel cages come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t even have to look that hard to find bird travel cages that will fit your bird’s traveling needs. Some bird travel cages are made of hard plastic and open from the top. These bird travel cages look a lot like a small dog or cat carrier. Usually these bird carrying cages have a droppings catcher, so you’re bird doesn’t have to walk around on its own waste.