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Three Bird Breeds to Talk

Three Bird Breeds to Talk is a difficult category to narrow down to just three. There are many different birds that can be trained to talk, but I will suggest three here for you. One popular breed of bird that is easily trained to talk is the Amazon Grey Parrot. These birds excel in mimicry and most will be excellent talkers. Some are known to speak 2,000 words. This bird is chosen for the Three Bird Breeds to talk category because they also have a unique ability to put each word into the correct context. They also repeat sounds such as a doorbell or microwave beep. Their intelligence is truly something to see. They also require a lot of attention. Please consider that before buying this type of bird. If you are looking for a medium size bird instead of the large Amazon Grey, then a good choice may be the Cockatiel. These birds show a lot of smarts. They do require attention and will love interacting with you and other birds. They usually are easy to train and very sociable. The Cockatiel is also in need of a lot of attention but not as demanding as the Amazon Grey. Another favorite to consider is the budgie. Most of the time, with useful tools like record, or radio your budgie will pick up some words. Though their vocabulary isn’t always very large, they are so much fun and colorful that it usually is not a problem. One thing to remember when looking for a bird who might talk is that not all birds of a breed will talk. You may want to purchase a bird that all ready talks to be sure you get what you want. Usually the more language the bird hears, the more the bird may try to mimic. An older bird that has begun talking will probably be the easiest to inspire. Birds will mimic words or a phrase that are of interest to them and help bring attention to them. Yelling at a parrot is not good for this reason. You will end up with a screaming bird. If you keep repeating your word, the bird will mimic those. Be sure that are words that will not cause alarm, or embarrass you when you have guests. Three bird breeds to talk is a tough choice as you can see. This is just an idea of what birds are available. Talk to an avairy vet before you buy so you make a good choice for you.