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Bird Breeds by Size

Bird Breeds by size is just one area to consider when choosing your pet bird. Having a bird for a pet is not for everyone. Generally speaking though, size may make a difference for you. A large parrot for example, a Macaw or Amazon is very intelligent. With daily training and lots of attention, this breed of bird can talk, and interact quite nicely. When you consider bird breeds by size, the large type of bird also will have a more demanding temperament, bigger beak with strength to cause serious injury, and can make the loudest noise. Choosing a bird breed by size also means looking at the cost in terms of time and money. A large bird will need a large cage and cost of food may be more then it would be for a smaller bird. It’s best to check this out before you make your decision. Also, this type of bird may live 50 years or more so this would be a hugh commitment for you. The Large size bird may also have special nutritional needs and would need to be out of the cage daily with a lot of handling. When choosing bird breeds by size, not to be overlooked of course, is the medium size bird. Wonderful in their own way and sometimes trainable, birds such as cockatiel, or sunconure, are very vocal. Choosing a bird breed by size in the medium range can be a wise choice if you don’t mind the screech and many of the medium size parrots can be taught to talk. They have fun personalities, generally and if bitten by one the injury isn’t serious. An average life span for the medium size bird may be in the 20 to 35 year time frame. For some people choosing bird breeds by size is the way to buy. Parrolets, budgies, canaries, and even love birds are very lovely to look at and can be entertaining to watch. Still small enough to handle, more independent needing less attention and easier to care for, these birds would be good for someone new to bird caring. Some of the smaller size birds will live up to 14 years. When deciding on buying a bird, there are many more considerations to think about then just the bird breeds by size. However, bird breeds by size is a great start to finding a companion who will love and be loved for many years to come.