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Choosing a Bird Breed

Choosing a Bird Breed can seem like a difficult decision but hopefully this article will give you some helpful hints. Birds require various degrees of attention. Therefore, you want to choose a bird breed that fits your life style. Also, some breeds of bird may live for 10, 20 up to 80 years. Are you ready for such a long commitment? Different birds make different types of noise. When choosing a bird breed try to decide how much noise would be comfortable to live with in your office or home. If you enjoy peace and quiet, or have a tiny baby in the house, then you may not want a parrot or even love birds. The noise varies from the screech of the parrot type to the more quiet peeps of the finch. Another important factor in choosing a bird breed would be what type of interaction you are looking for. An Amazon parrot will be loud, but very easily trained. Usually parrots are very interactive with people and very intelligent. This type of bird would not be content to just sitting a cage all day and requires a great deal of attention and care. On the other hand, a finch or canary, for example, would be okay with much less attention, or interaction. Having a bird talk seems to be the thing these days, but unfortunately, too many people choosing a bird breed for that purpose will end up disappointed. The best way to avoid this would be to purchase a bird who all ready is a talker. Even if you purchase a bird type that should be able to talk, there would not be a guarantee it will. People have different personalities and so do birds. There are several ways to purchase birds including: pet shop, humane league, a breeder, or even online these days. My opinion would be to make a purchase from a reputable breeder who would have the knowledge of a particular bird that you want. Ask your local vet or someone who owns birds for help if needed. That way you get to see the environment, care given to the bird, and feel comfortable choosing a bird breed. Find out about inoculations the bird has had, and get the paperwork signed by a veterinarian. Ask about the nutrition needs and check for cleanliness in the upkeep of area housing the bird. After you have gathered all your information for choosing a bird breed, the next step would be to decide on the right cage size and other accessories for the cage, as well as protecting any furniture or flooring as may be needed. Birds are messy and you can expect feathers to be flying and food to scatter. Birds can be work and the cost to maintain can be quite expensive. But in choosing a bird breed you will have a loveable companion, interactive or not. Whether a squawker or singer, noisy or quiet, the important thing is that in choosing a bird breed to bring home it has love, and a safe environment in which to live.