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Three Most Vocal Breeds

Three Most Vocal Birds Breeds would be difficult to choose. From the loud squawking sounds to the lovely soft musical tones, the ability to vocalize is a gift of most bird breeds in one for or another. Most of the parrot breeds such as the Amazon Grey, Macaws, and Conures, can be very loud and talkative. Some are excellent mimics and can do impersonations like a truck horn or the microwave beep. A lot of this type of bird uses screeching to get attention. Now, remember, not all parrots talk. Most can be taught to. But know the noise level can be very high, especially with a large bird. On the other hand to have a bird who you can teach hundreds of words or phrases to is amazingly rewarding. These birds usually seem to have a sense of humor as well and have been know to use several accents for the same phrase, perhaps copying neighbors, friends, or the television. It’s definitely not quiet with any of these birds who could be on the most vocal bird breeds list. The American Canary uses song as his way to vocalize. More quiet a singer then a Border, but has more of a variation in tone then a Roller; these are a pleasant bird to hear. Unlike the parrot breeds, canaries do not need interaction and are content to just observe visually the world outside their cage. Perfect for someone who hasn’t a lot of time for a pet, and enjoys just talking and listening to a bird sing. When birds talk to each other they have a certain tone or loudness to get their point across. When you talk to your pet bird you need to use a quiet voice and yelling or a high noise level. Keep your bird cage at a height where its perch is about level to your eye. When you communicate with your pet bird, move slowly. As you can see choosing three most vocal birds breeds can be anyone opinion. For some people Finch or Canary may not seem vocal enough, and to others the thought of a Mynah bird talking in a throaty voice, sounding like a giant type of man, may be too much to handle. What would you prefer? It’s important to know before you buy and research the possibilities. It can only help make your purchase less of a problem for you and the bird will be secure in the right home.