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Small Pet Proofing Your House

Happy small pets feel safe, have plenty of food and water and live in clean environments. The first step to your pet’s happiness is small pet proofing your house.

Safety first

All animals like to feel safe in their environments, but this is especially important for small pets. Small pets that are not protected can be pray for larger animals including the family cat or dog. Creating a safe environment for your small pet is the first step in small pet proofing your house.

Now, small pet proofing your house for safety depends on the pet you’re bringing home. However, all small pets including fish, birds, hamsters, gerbils, reptiles and mice, need some kind of protection. Make sure that you small pet is kept in an area where it’s protected from predators. If you have a cat, do not put your small pet in a room where the cat hangs out. Every time you leave that room, double check to make sure your cat is not being left alone with your small pet.