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Choosing Small Pet Housing Accessories

Your new pet needs a place to hang his hat and you are going about choosing small pet housing accessories. The door is wide open and waiting for you to walk in…

Take into consideration the type of pet you have, and how many. Think about whether or not you intend on growing your small pet family when making plans. If you have enough room in the current cage system, you might not have enough when you add pets or accessories. Careful planning will make your life easier and the life of your small pet better.

Housing for rodents can be relatively easy to add onto. Many rodent cages are set up with features which will allow tubes and tunnels to attach that lead to other cage areas. This not only boosts living space, but allows you to increase the number of pets you house within a given area. Rodents love to burrow and hide and more space can help them be more active and less bored with their surroundings.