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Introducing Your Small Pet

Introducing your small to your family and its new environment is exciting, but should be handled with care.

Getting ready for your small pet

Before introducing your small pet to its new home, you need to prepare your home for the pet. There are all kinds of small pets. Some people like hamsters, others like fish or birds. Though these animals are very different, they have one important thing in common. They all live in cages. This works out well for pet owners because cages keep animals contained. This lessens the chance of your animal getting lost or getting into trouble. There are a few guidelines you should follow for caged pets. Put the cage in an area that is protected from any household predators. This probably means putting the cage up high or in an area a predator can’t touch. Back the cage up against one wall. This makes small animals feel safe and closed in. If you do have a cat or dog, put something heavy, such as a large book, on top of the cage. This makes it much more difficult for large pets to get into the cage.