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Turkey Breeders

Turkey Breeders are providers of turkeys, without which Thanksgiving dinners would be incomplete. Here's everything you need to know about these breeders.

Turkey Breeders - Breeder Facts Professional Affiliations: There are several turkey foundations that the breeder can be affiliated with. Some prominent affiliations that you should look for are the National Wild Turkey Federation and the American Wild Turkey Foundation. Why Use a Breeder: Turkeys are vulnerable to many diseases, including the much-dreaded bird flu. A reputable breeder will reduce the chances of such diseases in the turkey chick. Also a breeder will be able to give tips on the correct diet. How to Find: Breeders are listed in almost all yellow pages and pet magazines. You can ask any local farm to give contacts of some turkey breeders in the area. What to Expect: Buying turkeys is very easy as they are sold for game. But these birds would require large rations of food. Breeder's Surroundings: In the wake of the recent epidemic of bird flu, which is being transmitted through turkeys, it is very important that they be kept in very hygienic conditions. Birds that contract this disease must be immediately quarantined and slaughtered. Turkey Breeders - Newborn Facts Average Number of Newborns Delivered at Birth: Turkey hens can lay about 10 to 12 eggs in a single litter. Age To Be Sold: Turkey chicks can be sold immediately after they are born, but then they would need to be fed and looked after. What to Look For in a Newborn: There are no special concerns that need to be seen in baby turkeys. One small point is the possibility of infections, which can be easily made out over their skin. Registry: Turkeys can be registered in organizations such as the National Wild Turkey Federation and the American Wild Turkey Foundation. AKC Recognized Characteristics: The AKC does not recognize turkey breeds. Expense to Purchase Newborn: Turkeys are available very cheaply as they are game bird and are mostly bought for meat. Dam and Sire Information of your Newborn: There are no major concerns you need to check out the parents of the turkey for, as these would be eventually game birds in some form or the other. The only thing that would require any checking out would be the presence of contagious diseases like bacterial, viral infections as also worms and other parasites. Turkey Breeders - Breeder Concerns Breeder Reputation: You must be assured of the breeder's reputation, if only for the fact that the turkey being sold is free of contagious diseases. You can locate reputed breeders by asking local farmers and poultry farm retailers. Pet Health: Turkeys are among the largest carriers of avian influenza, popularly known as bird flu. They can easily get bacteria and virus infections. Assurances: The breeder must assure you that the bird is of healthy stock and does not have any contagious diseases. You can secure a vet's certificate that would guarantee medical health of the bird.