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Livestock Corral Care

Livestock corral care includes having the right type of corral for your animals, and maintaining it properly. The size of the livestock corral and the ideal materials for it will vary, depending on the species of livestock being contained. What works well for swine may not be ideal for cattle. The materials will also depend on whether it is a permanent corral or only a temporary one, to be used for only a short amount of time. You should also consider what you will be using the livestock corral for when determining the design and structure of a corral.

If you are using a corral as a holding area for cattle, you should figure on approximately 20 square feet for each cow. You can reduce this to around 14 square feet for every calf. Corrals for cattle should generally have fences around 5 feet high. If it is a working area, the fences need to be fairly strong. Wooden or pipe gates with latches on both sides should be used. If the corral is being used only as a holding area, less sturdy materials can be used.