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Fish Training Methods

Fish training methods are becoming more and more popular. There was a time, not so long ago, that fish were believed to be somewhat stupid and unable to build relationships. Recent research dispels that myth.

Far and wide, the practice of training fish is a relatively new phenomenon. College professors have used pets for years to help students understand the ideals behind mind control and the social relationships of animals as well as animal to human relations. More recently, those same professors have begun to use goldfish to help exhibit these principals.

Their trials have found that fish are responsive to reward-based training methods which incorporate a “food for tricks” exchange. These fish respond to the presence of a variety of visual cues from flickering light bulbs to tapping on the side of the fish tank to initiate their particular trick, culminating in the payoff of a tasty snack for their compliance. These tricks range from swimming under or over a particular structure or object to jumping out of the water.