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Fish by Size

When choosing fish for your fish tank you need to choose fish by size. The size of the fish is important to how many fish you can have and the size of your tank. A good rule of thumb is that you will need one gallon of water for every 1 inch of your fish. Also, remember that when you get your fish it is most like not an adult and will grow. Although you will see some fish sizes in this article it is important to do your research when choosing your fish.

Fish by size can range any where from 1.5" to well over 35". This will determine the size of tank you will need. Also, how many fish can go into the tank that you choose. Some of the smaller fish are Cories, Botias, Betas, Danios, Guppies, Mollies, Platties, Tetras, and Swordtails. These fish tend to be 1.5" to 4". For a smaller tank or if you want more fish the fish by size would work best for you. Some of the medium sized fish would be Angelfish, Cichlids, Discus', and Goldfish. These fish would range in size from grater than 4" to 10". These fish would be good for just a few fish. Now, if you are wanting to be adventures with the fish by size a few big ones are, Arowanas, Bala Sharks, and Knifes. These are just a few of each size of the fishes. Using the rule of thumb with a ten gallon tank you would be able to fit 3-8 fish, while with the medium fish you could only fit one or two, and you could not have the large fish. It is important when choosing a fish to remember the size, but that is only one of the components. When you go to pick out your fish remember to ask the worker at the store. They are a very valuable source and will know about the fish that they supply. Although all of these fish have their pros and cons this gives you a starting point of fish by size.