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Best Freshwater Community Fish

The best freshwater community fish is the Tetras. These would be great for beginners or even a busy fish owner. They get along great with other fish and are a schooling fish. These are a few things that make them great community fish.

The best freshwater community fish, Tetras, are very peaceful. They need a group of six or more due to their natural ability to school. If this is not done the colors and behavior of the tetra will not come through. Full grown the Tetras will only get to be up to three inches long. This means that you do not have to have a huge tank to keep enough to make them happy. Since their are so many species of tetras you are sure to find what you want in colors. The best freshwater community fish is a very hardy fish. It is very easy to take care of. These things make the Tetras great for beginners. Also, when someone is a new fish owner having a community fish can be very helpful to them. It makes it easier to notice when something is wrong with the water because they can compare how the fish are acting. If one is acting strange this is a huge clue to the owner that something is wrong with the water. Another thing that the best freshwater fish will need is a well planted tank. THis is because when these fish are playing they like to hide. This is how they would live in a natural habitat so you, as the owner, need to recreate this enviroment for them. These are omnivorous fish and only need moderate lighting. All these things make the Tetras the best freshwater community fish plus, there are more than fifteen hundred specie to choose from. It is even possible to mix two or more species to get an aray of colors and interaction. With that many species you are sure to find the best freshwater community fish for you.