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Most Popular Saltwater Fish

The most popular saltwater fish would have to be the angelfish. There are many different species and they are very pretty to look at. This makes them very popular. Although these are harder to take care of than some other fish many people find it worth it due to there beauty. This may sound like it is very bad to have a angelfish but there are things that make it worth it. What you put into something is normally what you get out which will ring true with these beautiful angelfish.

The most popular saltwater fish can be very picky. They need lots of space and begin to get aggressive if they do not have enough of it. In order to be successful with angelfish you must remember this. Otherwise you will be spending lots of money replaceing fish. If the tank is big enough you will not have a problem. Angelfish can grow up to sixteen inches. Also, the water must be kept up to par. FOr the most popular salt water fish all the chemicals must be balanced, the water temperature must be kept perfect, and the tank must be clean. These things will insure a happy goldfish with a tank that is up to par. This can be very demanding on an owner. Another thing about the most popular saltwater fish is that they normally eat coral in the wild. What this means is they will need to be fed live food every once in a while. Some examples of these are brine shrimp and small clams. The most popular saltwater fish is used to living in the ocean. An ocean is hard to recreate in a fish tank and that is what makes saltwater fish a challenge. As with everything you have to take the good with the bad. If these things do not bother you then one of the many different species of angelfish may be right for you.