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Three Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

Most dog owners will have the challenge of training their dog to perform certain duties on a farm, for recreation, or just simply be a well-behaved animal. For some breeds, the task of training will come much easier than for others. The three easiest dog breeds to train are the Labrador Retriever, which are quite sociable, attentive, and aim to please their owner; the Australian Cattle Dog, bred to herd, is very intelligent and has lots of energy to expend; and finally, the Belgian Malinois, another herding dog that has similar features to the German Shepherd.

The working dog breeds tend to have a history of being easily trainable, whether it’s in herding, retrieving, or guarding. They are very loyal to their owners and work very hard to please. While the three easiest dog breeds to train are known for their ease, intelligence, and energy, every dog comes with their own personality, which can often differ from the norm.