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Read About Dog Rabies Disease


If you have seen the movie Old Yeller, then you know what dog rabies can do to even the best of dogs. Rabies is a disease that can affect just about every warm-blooded animal which puts your dog at a great risk, especially if he is kept outdoors. There are a couple of ways your dog can contract rabies but the main way is through the bite of an infected animal.

Dog rabies can be absolutely detrimental to your dog’s health if not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. There are three main stages of rabies we are going to review to help you better diagnose the problem should it arise. Be aware that death can occur as soon as three days after the inception of signs.

The first stage of dog rabies only last a couple of days but is the most crucial for an identification of the disease. If you notice any behavioral changes, temperature rise or fever, slower eye movement or reflexes or chewing or gnawing at a bite site, you must get the animal to vet immediately.

The second stage of dog rabies only last a couple of days as well. Unpredictable, erratic behavior coupled with barking, aggression, strikes on inanimate items, disorientation or seizures are sure signs that there is a presence of dog rabies.

The final and most miserable stage of dog rabies is the paralytic stage. As implied, paralysis begins to set in, usually initiating in the area that was infected. Then paralysis spreads throughout the body and cause foaming at the mouth and/or a relaxed jaw. Lastly, the animal slips into a coma and passes away as a result of respiratory failure.

This is an absolute horrific death for any animal to have to go through. Unfortunately we can’t protect Image all animals but we can protect our own. The first means of prevention is by regular rabies vaccinations, which are required in all of North America. There are state laws and regulations that you must abide by.

Dog Rabies is a deadly disease and even measure to prevent it should be taken. Keep in mind that this sickness can also be spread easily to humans through a dog bite, or even through the pet's saliva. If you suspect that your animal has been infected or you notice a suspicious bite mark, seek help immediately. As I mentioned before, it can take as little as a couple of days for your pet to die from an infection. Dog rabies is not to be taken lightly so make sure you follow your state or county rules because this is in you and your pet’s best interest.