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Read About Adopt A Pug

ImageA pug never fails to make any dog owner laugh because this little dog is a natural clown, and is a show off. Here's everything you need to know about adoption.

Adopt A Pug -- Reasons and Facts

  1. Why Adopt:

    Pugs are great with kids and love to make their owners laugh and go to any extent to do just that. In fact, Pugs have most human-like traits and personality.
  2. What Pet to Adopt:

    A male pug if you are looking for a lazy, laid back dog and female pug which is more alert and can contribute to being a watch dog as well.
  3. When to Adopt:

    Adopt a pug only when you meet it face to face, since all pugs have unique human like personality it would be easier to decide when and which only after having met the dog in question.

Adopt A Pug -- Where to Look

  1. Online:

    Pugs 'N Pals and offer great resources for adoption of pugs.
  2. Classifieds:

    Alabama Pug Rescue And adoption Inc, Arizona Pug Rescue And Adoption Network, Ohio Pug Rescue Inc, and several other organizations offer sources for these dogs.
  3. Pet Shows:

    There are several Adoption fairs held for pugs.
  4. Local Vet:

    Vets can provide excellent resources on adoption and also feedback on health issues while adopting because most pugs are prone to hip dysplasia and eye problems.

Adopt A Pug -- What to Look For

  1. Pet Temperament:

    Pugs are extremely even-tempered, extroverted and extremely playful. However, as puppies, pugs can also be extremely destructive especially during teething.Image
  2. Pet's Surroundings:

    Most pug puppies are trained to be indoors as they are extremely heat sensitive. Moreover most centers issue guidelines about unfenced swimming pools, unbarred gates etc that can cause naughty little pug any harm.
  3. Pet's Health:

    Pugs have many health issues because most are prone to eye and skin problems. Furthermore, pugs have a long life span of up to 15 years and often suffer from joint problems as they age. They are extremely heat sensitive and should not be given chocolate at any cost.
  4. What to Avoid:

    Avoid adopting a pug if you are not ready for responsibility of 15 years because many people are spurred by initial charm of pugs only to be deterred later by expenses.

Adopt A Pug -- How to Choose

  1. Type of Pet:

    Pugs are rambunctious as puppies and can be destructive too. When you adopt a pug, they are certainly not easy to house train so you need to decide whether you can handle these or either go for adult dogs.
  2. Supplies & Equipment:

    Brushes and clippers for grooming, a regulated diet so that it does not put on weight and meat and treats like Pup Peroni.
  3. Expense:

    Pugs are expensive due to their several health problems they can run up quite a bill at the vet.