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Read About Adopt a Puppy

ImageSo you want a dog in your life? Well, then, you should adopt a puppy. There are several reasons for this and the main one is that an older dog may have some nasty habits that would be very difficult to break. With a puppy you can train him exactly the way you want. It is true that puppies are a bundle of energy, but with this energy comes a lot of laughs at watching the antics that he will show you. 

Adopt a puppy, and you will find many hours of entertainment, and frustration at times, but the good will outweigh the bad. Training will take care of all the little unwanted habits. Praise and rewards of good dog treats will take care of a lot of things, and make your puppy want to do things that will please you instead of going out of its way to be annoying. Remember, when training your puppy, timing is everything. When your puppy does something you like, react immediately with a reward of some wonderful treats available. Make sure that the treats are soft and small so your puppy can gulp it down, and immediately look for more. There are many commercial treats on the market with different flavors, such as hot dogs or cheese. Your reward helps your adorable puppy grow up to be an obedient and loyal dog. 

Adopt a puppy, and train him with a favorite toy. There are many available to choose from, and you can find something that he loves from such a wide variety. This will keep the puppy from chewing on things that he isn't supposed to. Puppies tend to chew on everything, and this is one habit that can continue long into adulthood if you don't use the proper obedience training to break him off this habit.  

There are ways to discourage this type of behavior, such as by puppy proofing your home. ImageYou can place the things that he may chew out of his reach. Don't give your puppy things to play with like old socks or slippers, and use baby gates to prevent him from going to areas that you don't want him going. When you adopt a cute and cuddly puppy, be prepared to have lots of patience to get through this period of a puppy's life. 

When you adopt a puppy and buy him toys or chews to play with, always make sure they are safe for his size. Balls can get caught in a puppy's throat if they are too small. Buy only the type of chews that your vet recommends. Following this advice will help you avail of the proper toys when you adopt a puppy.