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Read About Adopting An Adult Dog

ImageAdopting An Adult Dog can be an attractive option for many dog lovers. Here's everything you need to know about this topic.

Many potential dog owners should strongly consider Adopting An Adult Dog when choosing a new dog. After all, there are many owners who must give up their adult dogs for some reason or another and need a responsible owner. Dog shelters are full of adult dogs who are trained, vaccinated, and ready to bond with new owners. Unfortunately, most potential dog owners go for puppies. Unlike adopting a puppy, which involves constant training and a watchful eye, Adopting An Adult Dog has many advantages.

Most Adult Dogs Are Already Trained

True, adopting an adult dog will forfeit the cute puppy days where the dog is the cutest it will ever be and every move he or she makes is precious. However, this is the same stage that the owner has to be on the lookout for puppy messes, as well as what the puppy has chewed up that day. In short, puppies are a big responsibility, and Adopting An Adult Dog cuts that responsibility in half. After all, most adult dogs do not make messes on the floor, and know exactly how to signal to their owners to let them know to when it's time to go. Not only that, most adult dogs have long since outgrown their chewing habits and know exactly what they should and should not chew on.


Most Adult Dogs Are Already Vaccinated

A dog will need the most trips to the vet when it is a puppy. Hopefully, your adult dog will be past this critical time, and will only need to make routine trips one or more times per year. Also, many adult dogs go into the market already spayed and neutered, so that saves that expense.

Most Adult Dogs Are Ready to Bond With a New Owner

Unlike puppies, who can be hesitant to trust a new owner after being weaned from the mother, adult dogs are past that stage. They understand the need to live in a home, and will usually warm up quickly to their new family. This is especially true of shelter dogs.

Be aware of one drawback to Adopting An Adult Dog. If puppies are the babies of the dog world, then adult dogs are often the teenagers. These dogs are set in their ways, so that the old phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" applies. Sometimes you cannot un-train bad habits that a dog has had for years. There are some dogs that will never stop sleeping on the couch. However, it may be a small price to pay for an otherwise well-behaved adult dog.