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Read About AKC Breeder List

AKC Breeder List is a list of reputable breeders affiliated to the AKC. Here's everything you need to know about these breeders.

AKC Breeder List - Breeder Facts

  1. Professional Affiliations:

    All breeders of dogs have to be affiliated with the American Kennel Club, or the AKC, which is the premier institution of registering and characterizing dog breeds.
  2. Why Use a Breeder:

    AKC breeders are reputed breeders who adhere to strict AKC breed standards. If a particular dog is to be shown competitively, the AKC breeders will conform to all requirements for show dogs.
  3. How to Find:

    You can get the AKC breeder list on their website, where it is prominently displayed, listed by their state location.
  4. What to Expect:

    AKC breeders will be more pricey and demanding than non-AKC ones. They will have to complete a form and ask questions about how your plan to keep the dog. They might even assess your homes to verify if you are indeed capable of housing a pet.
  5. Breeder's Surroundings:

    AKC provides its affiliation to breeders only after strict quality checks have been met. The AKC will make sure that the breeder's premises are impeccably clean and hygenic. AKC might not consider breeders who keep several dog breeds in a single kennel.

AKC Breeder List - Newborn Facts

  1. Average Number of Newborns Delivered at Birth:

    Depending on the dog breed, AKC breeders produce 2 to 10 puppies per litter.
  2. Age To Be Sold:

    All AKC breeders will begin the inoculations when they at the appropriate age as required. They will provide the puppies with their maternal care as long as possible. AKC bred puppies are never sold before they reach at least four weeks of age.
  3. What to Look For in a Newborn:

    The characteristics of the puppy would depend on the dog breed. Buyers must ensure that the puppy seems healthy and is free of external infections.
  4. Registry:

    Dogs bred by AKC breeders need to the registered with the AKC.
  5. AKC Recognized Characteristics:

    The AKC has delineated several rules and characteristics by which their dogs must abide. They had lent these features to 157 breeds. AKC breeders must breed new puppies while maintaining all of these standards.
  6. Expense to Purchase Newborn:

    The price of an AKC breed puppy can vary. There are some breeders who make advance reservations to purchase one of their registered puppies.
  7. Dam and Sire Information of your Newborn:

    AKC breeders must provide all papers of parentage to the owner of an AKC puppy, along with other documents such as Penn Hip certification and CERF and OCA.

AKC Breeder List - Breeder Concerns

  1. Breeder Reputation:

    Once a breeder is recognized by the AKC, their reputation has been certified by the organization, and you can safely trust an AKC breeder to give you a truly quality dog that matches show standards.
  2. Pet Health:

    AKC breeders will give you all the necessary information in regards to the health care of your dog and discuss diseases that are typical to that breed.
  3. Assurances:

    AKC breeders will give a health guarantee on the puppy for at least thirty days. They will assure the purchaser of the pedigree of the dog and supply the required AKC paperwork.