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Choosing a Dog Breeder

What is the best way to go about choosing a dog breeder? How do you determine if the breeder is reputable? First, it’s important to realize that good breeders are not simply in the breeding arena for the sole purpose of making money, they also have their dog’s best interests at heart. While you’re about choosing a dog breeder, they are about ensuring compatible matches between dog and prospective owner.

When choosing a dog breeder, you should consider one, who at the very minimum:

Keeps one or more dogs in the home as part of the family, and not just housed in an outdoor kennel. Have dogs on the premises that appear happy, healthy, well adjusted, and eager to meet new people. Allows you to visit and observe a clean, well-maintained area where the dogs spend most of their time. Encourages you to spend time with the puppy's parents and siblings when you visit. Breeds only one or two dog varieties and is knowledgeable about the specific standard breed. The breeder should be able to offer information regarding characteristics, size, coat, color and temperament of the dog, as well as any known genetic predispositions of the breed. Maintains a good relationship with a local veterinarian and is able to readily produce records of veterinary visits for the puppies. The breeder should also be willing to offer information regarding the puppy’s medical history, and what vaccinations your dog will need to remain healthy. Can provide you with references of other individuals or families who have purchased puppies. Feeds the dogs and puppies a high-quality brand pet food. Offers guidance as to the appropriate care and training methods suitable for the breed and is available to give assistance even after you have taken your puppy home.