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Read About African Wild Dog


African Wild Dog Pictures - Why?

  1. Who Needs These?

    As the name suggests, these are wild dogs and not kept as pets. African wild dog photos will be desired by nature lovers, or for animal television programmers.
  2. Types:

    These pictures will be taken with a high-resolution camera, and most of them will be candid shots of the dog in its natural environment. People who go on nature trails can take these pictures with a movie camera also, and later develop individual frames. But, be warned, shooting an African wild dog in its natural environment can be dangerous, as these dogs will attack strangers.
  3. Uses:

    The primary use of these pictures is educational. Pet magazines will use these pictures when they run features about this dog breed. They can used as stills or collages on television programs.

African Wild Dog Pictures - How to Choose

  1. Online:

    Several pictures of this breed are available online, but take care as you select them. First, your objective must be clear -- are you collecting a picture as a keepsake, studying them in their natural environment, or examining their physical features. You will find close mug shots of the dog, which will accentuate its enormously large ears; or a full profile, that would accentuate its coat colors with markings. Do not download any copyrighted photos.
  2. Professional Shots:

    Professional shoots are conducted in the wilds, with professional cameramen or photographers. The photographer must be an expert in nature photography and be well versed with the dangers that can be entailed.
  3. Candid Shots:

    The best shots of African wild dogs are candid pictures. These are also taken by professionals, and the dogs shouldn't know that they are being photographed. Candid pictures can give a deep insight into the lifestyle of the dog.
  4. Expense:

    Getting a picture of an African wild dog can be expensive. You can get them freely over the Internet, but you have to pay for printing. Most photos are copyrighted, but you might be able to buy them. If you manage to take a photo on your own, you will spend for the film and development. Arranging a professional shoot is very expensive, and may cost up to $500 for a couple of photos.
  5. Other items you might need:

    Take the photos in a manner which can bring out the wildness of the African wild dog. Once you have the picture, frame it or put it in an album for preservation.