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When Can Your Puppy Leave His Litter

Sure, you’re anxious to bring your new little puppy home with you, but there are a few very important reasons why the process of bidding farewell to his mother and siblings shouldn’t be hurried. Even though puppies are typically weaned at six to seven weeks, they are still learning very important skills, particularly social skills, from their mother and littermates.

Puppies which are separated too soon from mom and the family often fail to develop these all-important and appropriate "social skills," such as what inhibited biting (acceptable mouthing pressure) means, when play-wrestling is considered too rough, and so on. Play is an important social activity for puppies because it increases their physical dexterity, as well as provides an opportunity for learning acceptable behaviors. By playing and interacting with their mother and littermates, puppies also learn the ranking process, as in “who’s the boss”.