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Professional vs. Non-Professional Horse Sitters

You know you'll be needing a horse sitter for your upcoming trip but you are unsure of whether or not to hire a professional horse sitter or a non-professional horse sitter. How do you make the decision?

Your first step will be to determine your budget. Look at your finances and decide if you can afford to hire a professional horse sitter. They may ask for payment up front, or may ask for a partial payment ahead of the time needed as a good-faith gesture. Is this something that you can live with or will an up-front investment in the care of your animal be a problem?

If the cost of hiring a professional horse sitter is prohibitive, you may want to look into youth groups that center around farming and livestock. Do you have a chapter of 4-H in your area or a Future Farmers of America club close by? You can call the local high schools or look in the phone book to find chapters. Have you seen an equestrian center nearby? They may have a teen saddle club. Any of these groups may have non-professional members that would be happy to work for reduced fees to provide quality care for your animal. Teens in these types of groups come with education in animal needs and a love for horses.