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Horse will not Accept Bit

Whether you are re-training a horse or starting a young horse on a bit, the reasons for the horse not accepting the bit are the same. To assist the horse in accepting the bit and becoming more comfortable with the whole process, it is a good idea to start from scratch. The goal is to make the horse look at the bit as a pleasant experience, something normal and just part of his life. Making the horse comfortable with the bit will take a little time, but will be well worth it for both of you.

The most important thing is confirm that your horse’s apprehension is not a health issue. Inspect your horse’s mouth and teeth. Make sure your horse is free from sores of any kind. This may take the aid of a veterinarian to insure that the horse’s teeth do not need to be floated. Also, check the outside of the horse’s mouth, lips and cheeks. Make sure there are no sores on these areas either.