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Yearly Horse Veterinarian Visits

Yearly horse veterinarian visits are a vitally important part of your equine's health and wellness routine. You should be sure to take your horse on regular, annual visits to the vet so that he can be vaccinated and have his teeth checked.

Keeping up with your yearly horse veterinarian visits is not just about vaccinations, though. Once your veterinarian has developed a regular routine of treating your horse, he will develop a relationship with your equine that will enable him to know your animal better. Regular vaccinations and deworming are not only good preventative treatments for your horse, but they also allow your veterinarian to know when changes with your animal occur. Many vets believe that yearly horse veterinarian visits prevent many 911-type calls for emergencies. Common sense tells us that, the more your veterinarian knows about both your management style and about your horse, the better he will be able to take care of your animal. In saying this, it is also worthy to note that you should strive to keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your veterinarian. Clear lines of communication will ultimately help you both in understanding what is best for your horse.