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Horse ID Tattoos

Horse ID tattoos help horse owners keep track of their horses. They also serve as proof of ownership.

Reasons for identifying a horse

Horse ID tattoos play an integral role in horse identification. People use tattooing to identify their horses because it protects against theft and increases the likelihood that a lost horse will be returned to its owner. It also allows horse owners to separate their horses according to identification markings if two groups of horses get entertained.

Lip tattoos

Lip tattoos are common horse ID tattoos for racehorses. These "tattoos" literally are tattoos and they're placed on the inside of the horse's upper lip. These tattoos can be applied by the horse owner or by a veterinarian. These tattoos identify racing horses by their papers, which proves that the horse is a legitimate racing horse. The problem with these tattoos is that in order to see them, you have to lift the horse's lip. If you're a horse owner you know that horses don't always love to have fingers in their mouths! Also, these tattoos can fade with time, which makes identification more difficult.