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Read About Transporting Your Horse to a Stable

There are three basic ways of transporting your horse to a stable. Your options are:

  1. A) Riding him or leading him- If the distance is not prohibitive, he may enjoy the trip to a new area and the time you spend making the trip with him. You’ll be able to get the basics of his tack there because he’ll be suited up in it and you can follow-up with a trip in your vehicle later with what is left as far as food, supplies, grooming tools and tack.
  2. B) Loading him into and hauling him in your own trailer- If you have had horses for some time, you likely own or have access to a trailer. You may need to rent one from someone you know or from a rental entity, your boarding stable, or from a local equestrian center.
  3. C) Seeking a company that offers equestrian transporting- If you do not have access to a trailer or the means to use/rent a trailer, and you are transporting for longer distances, there are companies and individuals who will transport horses for a fee.

If you plan to ride him in, ensure that you are able to provide him an opportunity to rest comfortably if the trip is on the long side or if the weather is hot. Likewise, he will need ample hydration, so make sure you bring water and give him the chance to drink what he will need to maintain his well-being.

If you own your own trailer, or borrow or rent on a regular basis, you already know how to hitch it to a vehicle and drive with one in tow. Before you hitch up and head out, call the boarding stable and find out what their facility set-up is. Check gate clearance to make sure you can easily drive and pull through the gate(s) without doing damage to them, the vehicle or trailer. Make sure that any inclement weather (current or recent) has not made pulling a trailer through the grounds difficult. If it has, check with the stable staff to see if they would be willing to offer you a ground guide or pilot your vehicle and trailer in for you.

If you will be hiring a transporter, make sure you have an iron-clad contract. Read the contract and find out exactly what all the particulars are. Don’t get caught being gullible. Check the insurance policies the company has to find out what is and is not covered and what liabilities there are with regard to your horse. Ask them if there will be an additional fee for the transport of the animal’s tack, if they will load/unload the tack and will they put it in the proper place at your stable. Find out if they offer discounts for referrals so you can use them again. You may also want to ask your boarding stable which transport companies they prefer.

Transporting your horse to a stable can be super easy if you are willing to put some effort into it before you set out to moving your horse.