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Read About Choosing Automatic Feeders

Automatic feeders will help make feeding time very easy on you, especially if your dog requires specific amounts of food at specific times during the day.

Things to consider: Feeding requirements, eating behaviors, and types of feeders.

  • Full Automation - Automatic feeders that are programmable are perfect if your dog has to eat at specific times each day, for example if they are taking medicines that require they be taken with food.

  • Portion Control - Whether you purchase the kinds of automatic feeders that control the size and/or frequency of the portions of food released into your dog's dishes and bowls or the more basic kind of automatic feeders that simply let the food drop down as the dog eats will depend on how much self-control your dog exhibits. If she stops eating when she is full and not when the food is gone then the latter will work fine. However, if she is an avid overeater, portion-controllable automatic feeders are best.

  • Sleep All Night - If your dog wakes you up during the night to be fed or to have her water dish filled, you can get a better night's sleep by getting her a pair of automatic feeders.