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Read About Additional Opt-Ins Instant Messaging

Cheap Pet Store is committed to having a top affiliate program and is always making an effort to help affiliates with their marketing. An e-zine is a great marketing tool to help affiliates boost traffic, but there are even more active steps you can take to build your business. In addition to collecting emails for your e-zine subscribers, take advantage of a related technology: instant messaging. By asking your subscribers for their instant message accounts, you can create specially-tailored marketing messages about special deals, exciting news, upcoming new products or events, or other important updates. Because there are a variety of instant messaging platforms available to your subscribers, you will need to utilize a software program that helps you manage these. One example of such a program is Trillian, which can be downloaded for free or purchased inexpensively in a more advanced version. Such a software program will allow affiliates to quickly and easily send instant messages to your list of subscribers, helping you maximize web traffic and return on your marketing efforts.