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Read About A Timid Dog

If your dog is very shy or timid, there are things you can do to help him get over it. This is often a problem with smaller dogs, so adapt the tips below so they work best for you.

  1. Reassure your dog by being in charge

    If your dog knows that they don´t have to be the alpha dog, they can relax and will often lose much of their timidity. You should be careful to maintain a commanding posture when you are training your dog, since your dog is highly sensitive to non-verbal cues.

  2. Build your dog´s confidence

    Slowly expose your dog to specific fright triggers, such as a bearded man, a little at a time. As they act less frightened, you need to continually reward them. What you are doing is connecting the frightening thing with a great outcome, as far as the dog is concerned.

  3. Give your dog a safe place to go

    If a shy dog has a place to retreat into, they are more likely to encounter the fear-inducing thing on their own terms. This place could be a bed or kennel box located in a social area of your house. The kitchen or family room is a good choice for the crate location, where your pet can be around social activities, yet feel safe.

Shy dogs can be helped to lose their shyness and become more sociable, well-behaved pets. Again, it´s all in your attitude and willingness to work with you pet whether this behavior can be changes.