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Read About Adopting a Pet

Adopting a Pet is a great idea for those looking to do good in the world while acquiring a great new companion. There are many agencies in the United States that rescue animals and then adopt them out. These agencies include the SPCA and Humane Society, although there are many smaller shelters in every corner of the country. Another great resource when looking for a pet to adopt is the internet. By searching the internet for pets to adopt, you will find a wide selection of animals ready to find forever homes, whether it be horses, dogs, cats, birds or even pigs!

When Adopting a Pet, one must understand that the agencies looking to place these animals into homes want this home to be their last. Those looking to adopt will typically be required to fill out a questionnaire detailing their housing status, members of their family, other pets, the layout of their yard, neighborhood and even their work hours. Potential adopters will usually be required to list the name and telephone number of their current veterinarian, if other pets are owned, names and ages of their children and names and telephone numbers of personal character references. The agency will want to know that you have adequate space to house the pet, that you are allowed to have the pet within your household if renting and that you have adequate time to take care of the adopted pet.

After the initial process is complete and your references and information provided are verified, the agency will typically require that you bring any children and pets to visit the animal at the shelter. This will allow the adoption counselor to see any potential problems the new animal may have with other pets or aggression towards children. The next step will typically involve the adoption counselor visiting your home to ensure that it is suitable for the pet. Some will even require that you take the pet overnight to ensure that it is a good fit. The last thing the agency wants to see is the pet returned a few weeks later! While the process may seem cumbersome, the agencies are acting in the best interest of the animals that they are trying to place. Once the process is complete, it will be well worth it!