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Read About Animal Rescue

Animal rescue refers to rescuing animals that are slated to be put to death by organizations simply because they haven't been selected for pet adoption within a specific period of time. These pet rescue organizations also take in strays and animals that have been abandoned by their owners and make sure that they get good and loving care while they are waiting to be adopted. Organizations that work to rescue animals are made up of volunteers who simply love working with animals and breeders who want to ensure that no animal is put to death without good reason. 

Many animal rescue organizations deal with only one or two dog breeds, others deal with either cats or dogs. Some organizations deal with dogs of mixed breeds. You can also find specific pet rescue organizations for cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits and horses. There are many reasons why animals are turned over to these organizations. Anyone familiar with rescuing animals knows that they have a no-kill policy. Therefore owners who can no longer care of their pets because they are ill or they have to move contact the nearest pet shelter. They know that in so doing, their pet will be looked after and will be given to a loving home.  

When an animal comes to an animal rescue center, the first item of business is to make sure that the animal is healthy. These organizations have volunteer vets who do not charge for examinations and provide low cost needles and sterilizations, as well as any medicines the animals may need. An animal's temperament also has to be evaluated to determine what type of home would be best. In some cases, obedience training is necessary for dogs that appear to be aggressive.  

If the animal rescue center determines that a pet is one that a family can adopt, it comes up with a list of foster homes available to take care of the animal until it can be adopted. The chances of the animal being adopted right away are very high because the center usually has a long list of people who have submitted pet adoption applications. You should not get the idea that you can just go to a shelter and walk away with a pet easily. You do have to submit an application and wait for the center to evaluate the application and determine whether you would be a suitable pet owner. The volunteers will also work to match you with an animal that will fit in well in your home.  

The animals put up for adoption by animal rescue centers are almost always adult pets that have undergone house breaking. In the case of puppies, they usually don't leave the foster home until they are potty trained, which makes things easier for the new owner. You can be sure that you are getting a healthy pet that has been checked for all kinds of diseases, such as worms, fleas and other diseases that might be common to a specific cat or dog breed . Dedicated volunteers run the animal rescue operations and the funds to buy supplies come from donations from animal lovers.