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Read About Aries Pet Horoscopes

Aries Pet Horoscopes

(March 21 -- April 19)

Aries pets are energetic animals that will pretty much run your life however, they like. However, with pets this lovable, there's just no way you can stay mad at them for long. Wondering what's in store for your precious pet this month? Here's everything you need to know about your pet's horoscope.

All Pets - Horoscope

With the coming of spring, your four legged, feathered or scaly friend will feel the strong forces of the changing star signs. They will be moody and sullen at the beginning of the month, but do not despair. By mid-month your best pal will be ready for playtime again as the sun's orbit nears closer to Mars. The best days for grooming during this change in weather will be the 27th and the 29th but be sure to be gentle with all brushing and preening as they will still be very emotionally sensitive.

Dog & Puppy - Horoscope

Your energetic spirit could put you in the doghouse! You've been a little naughty lately; it's obvious by looking at those puppy dog eyes! Stay close to home and listen to your master. Don't beg at the table and keep your nose clean. Today is perfect for enjoying the finer things: a long nap in a sunny spot, a sniff of fresh air, and a chewy bone.

Cat - Horoscope

Your moody nature is prevalent in dealings with your parents this month. The cold weather is keeping them indoors, but it will soon pass. Exercise patience when they keep trying to force the cat toys on you - they are bored from being cooped up! They don't remember you aren't the same playful kitten anymore. In addition, when they invade your space and sleep time, remember they just don't understand Feline Winter Naps 101. Remind them gently. Best Nap Days: 3, 18

Kitten - Horoscope

Feeling adventurous? Today is purrfect for living life on the edge. You are the active cat, made for excitement! Nap in a different window; chase someone else's shadow. There's a whole world to explore if you just leave your comfort zone! Be open to new friendships today, even if it is a dog.

Show Dog - Horoscope

Cold weather will bring frolicking fun this month. Kick up those paws and charge forward, this is your month for amusement and adventure. Your muscles will be firm, your lungs strong and judges will take notice. Long rides in the car lead to new playgrounds and new experiences. Don't be afraid of new friends, they could be people that you'll never forget and vise-versa--and have treats! Get up, get out, and run around, the world is your oyster. Best Ball Chasing Days: 2, 10

Bird - Horoscope

This will be a drafty month for your birdcage. Squawk a little more if it gains you the attention from your parent and they put the blanket over you. The blanket will keep your heat in, even though it's dark. These last few weeks of winter are always the hardest. Suffer in the dark a little longer and you'll be amply rewarded with treats in the end. Best Sunny Days: 13, 21

Horse - Horoscope

Ride like the wind, but be careful where you step. Don't ever hold back along the path, but during this time of the month is when the path can have unforeseen dangers resulting in you and your rider getting hurt. Smart riding will get you rewarded, even if your rider doesn't agree with your decision at first. He/she will understand when the hazard is brought to light. Can you say apples? Good Riding Days: 1, 9

Reptile - Horoscope

Time to pop your head out of your shell - keeping it in there is only cramping your neck. The sun is warm despite the cold weather and it should get you up and about. You'll probably want to get away from the huge mouth of your yappy neighbor. Struggle up to the top of that rock and look down at the other lazy turtles, being king of the castle will have its perks. The opposite sex will take notice, even if you don't have the biggest maw of the group. It's all about the look and spirit. King days: 26, 27