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Types of Pond Filtration

There are three basic types of pond filtration systems for you to consider when you are setting up your pond. You will want to read up on these as much as possible before you make the decision to purchase one, as you will want to ensure you select the right pond filtration system for your pond set up.

Biological filtration is one of the basic types of pond filtration systems. This is an almost completely natural process by which the bacteria living in the pond’s water are able to consume and convert ammonia into nitrites then to nitrates. These powerful bacteria must have oxygen to survive, so having a pump to aerate and circulate water is very important. In the very lowest areas in a pond, there are additional bacteria which do not need oxygen and they then use the nitrates to form gasses, which will then leave the pond and become absorbed by the atmosphere. It is not uncommon for the ecological system of a pond to die when pumps stop working because those bacteria (and fish in the pond as well) will literally starve from a lack of oxygen.