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In Pond Filtration

In pond filtration is vitally important to the overall health of your pond. If you do nor provide proper pond filtration your pond’s water will become stagnant, which will encourage the over growth of algae. Gaining control over aggressive algae is difficult, but it can be done with added aeration (through in pond filtration) and the addition of healthy plant materials to the pond.

You’ll need an in pond filtration system which works off of a circulation system. You will need a waterfall of some sort to encourage maximum aeration of water. More aeration makes for better oxygen levels, which encourages your healthy pond eco system. The waterfall is also where you will want your filter. The other part of a proper pond filtration system is the skimmer. Between the two, which work together, the extra debris will be removed from the water. Leaving this debris in the water encourages algae growth by adding plant growing nutrition to the water.