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Choosing Pond Plants

You have picked out the best spot in the yard and designed the pond to your liking so now on to the fun part, choosing pond plants! Decorating your little slice of paradise can be one of the most fulfilling parts of creating the pond you have always wished for. But which ones, what kind, how many? These are all question that are going to be answered right here.

Choosing pond plants does not have to be a chore. The first question you might want answered is how many? You definitely don’t want to suffocate your pond with plants but you also don’t want too few. Keep in mind that plants do grow bigger so try not to cover more than half of your pond. This not only can start to look tacky but will also tend to crowd the plants themselves.

Then, of course, your next question will be, what kind? There is a multitude of pond plants out there. For example, there are hardy, tropical, marginal, oxygenators and deep water plants, to name a few. While choosing pond plants, you must take into account what region and climate you reside in. If you live somewhere with particularly rough winters, then you might want to avoid the tropical plants. This is a rule to stick with unless, of course, you have a greenhouse or something to that effect to care for them in the winter months.