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Choosing Pond Fish

Whether you are a new pond owner or a veteran, choosing pond fish is a thrilling part of enhancing your pond. To think of how many different kinds of fish there are to choose from is exciting as well. But what types will be good for the pond, and how many, may be questions that are on your mind. Before choosing your pond fish, you must take into account three things, your climate, the gear you will need and the size of your pond.

If you happen to live in a colder climate then there is no need to worry, you still have options when choosing pond fish. Your first option is to purchase cold climate fish. Goldfish and Koi have been known to do well in colder climates, among many other fish. Then you have the option of buying a heater for your pond. And of course, there is always the option of draining your pond in the winter and housing the fish indoors in a tank of some sort. Lastly, you have the option constructing some sort of cover for the pond in the winter.