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    Stainless steel wire, uv stabilized, polycarbonate tube, metal perches, metal die castings 16 long 1 lb capacity 6 ports.
  2. Classic Bird Feeder 1.5lb

    Classic Bird Feeder 1.5lb

    Gardensong classic bird feeder. long injection molded tube. threaded cap for easy filling. 6 feeding stations. large 1.5 lb. seed capacity. unique comfort perch invites birds to dine longer.

    Product Details
    Gardensong classic bird feeder. large 1.5 lb. seed capacity.
    Plastic 2.75 in. diam x 14.5 in
  3. Classic Finch Feeder 1lb.

    Classic Finch Feeder 1lb.

    Finch feeder with 1.5 lb. seed capacity

    Product Details
    Specially designed for finches and other thistle feeding birds easy to fill and clean. unique comfort perch invites birds to dine longer large 1.5 lb. thistle seed capacity six feeding stations.
    Constructed of plastic materials. special note: this item (#481-12) as well as the classic bird feeder item (480-12) is packed in a 12 pack display tray and is available in june 2002.
  4. Classic Oriole Feeder

    Classic Oriole Feeder

    Audubon classic oriole feeder

    Product Details
    Plastic oriole feeder.
    Plastic and metal 8.25 x 2.37 x 8.75
  5. Classic Window Feeder

    Classic Window Feeder

    Window feeders are easy to clean and to refill.models can be restrictive or unrestriced for bird size.window feeders have few drawbacks since what they offer is the most important element of all-the ability to view birds up close.just the right ect.

    Product Details
    Window feeder for birds
  6. Clear View  RollerFeeder

    Clear View RollerFeeder

    Rollerfeeders truly frustrates hungry squirrels and leaves behind valuable food for birds. freely rotating outer shell surrounds an easy to fill hopper. the hopper is stationary but when a squirrel lands it's weight flips them harmlessly.

    Product Details
    Two full length feeding stations and clearview features so both birds and seed are easy to see. self-balancing adjustable weight control. rust proof alum. housing. it's a terrific hopper for small birds squirrel proof and just fun to watch.
    2 quart
    Forest green uv powder coated finish. 2 quart capacity.
  7. Clearview Feeder - 3 Seed

    Clearview Feeder - 3 Seed

    The unique and decorative design shows a clear view of birds and seed. independent compartments hold different types of seed. the feeder is made of durable weather resistant polycarbonate.

    Product Details
    Holds 6 pounds of seed.
  8. Climbing Vine Thistle Feeder

    Climbing Vine Thistle Feeder

    Beautiful decorate with climbing vine feeder to enhance your bird feeding garden.
  9. Cling-A-Wing


    When big birds dominate your platforms and tube feeders small songbirds can feed here.this clever duncraft feeder uses black oil sunflower seed only.only certain birds like chickadees nuthatches titmice and gold finches have the ability to cling etc

    Product Details
    Nurture clinging type birds.


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