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Three Easiest Fish To Raise

When choosing fish for your fish tank it is important to know the three easiest fish to raise. As a beginner or a busy fish owner the difficulty of the fish in your fish tank is very important. The three easiest fish to raise are mollies, Goldfish, and Damsels. Just because these fish are easy does not mean that you will have a boring tank. These three fish have a lot to offer to any tank.

The first of the three easiest fish to raise are Mollies. They can be raised in either a freshwater or saltwater tank. This is very rare for aquarium fish. They grow to a maximum of four inches long and will eat a variety of foods. They are also a very hardy fish. Although they are hardy they are not boring a will add drama to your tank. A fun, unique fish thats easy to faise...the Molly.

Another fish that is really easy is the Goldfish. This may be the easiest of the three easiest fish to raise depending on how you look at it. They have a wide variety of species which range in size form very large to quite big. They are considered a coldwater fish and can even survive in almost freezing water. They will eat pellots and can have live food, like brine shrimp. They also have a very good temperament. They get along with other fishes great. One of the most well known aquarium fish, although sometimes misunderstood, is one of the easiest fishes to raise.

The third of the three easiest fish to raise would have to be a Damsel. These are saltwater fish that are very hardy. They can even survive the first six months while your tank is adjusting. They, like the goldfish, will eat a wide variety of flakes and like brine shrimp for snacks. The Damsel breaks all the rules of saltwater fish. It is hardy, inexpensive, and most of all one of the three easiest fish to raise. So if you insist on a saltwater tank but do not want the expense that is normally associated with the Damsel is the fish for you.

As you can see the three easiest fish to raise have some things in common. These things include being hardy and easy to feed. These fish are great for any fish owner but especially beginners. You can find just what you are looking for withing these three fish. Remember, the three easiest fish to raise are Mollies, Goldfish, and Damsels.