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Horse Breeds You Can Afford

To avoid a hazardous experience when you purchase a horse, you need to look at what you need or want from your horse. Ask yourself if you want a horse for show, competition, racing or leisure.

The most affordable horse breed is the Morgan horse. It is the most versatile horse. It is able to compete, show and be a loyal companion for life. These horses are definitely one you would get your moneys worth and more.

If you buy a horse at an auction you may or may not get a well trained or disciplined horse. When buying a horse at a riding school the horse would not be used to riding with only one rider, as the school has had several riders. As you buy from a breeder you will find you will need to have the horsed trained.

Although if you purchase a horse from a private party you can ask to try the horse for a week or two to test out the horse and see the horse’s temperament. Also, when buying from a private party you can call if you have any questions or problems. A lot of the time the horse is already trained.

Quite often trainer have more horses than they know what to do with and are willing to sell one of them. When buying from a trainer the horse is most likely already trained. They also may be able to put you with a horse that best suits your needs.

All horses cost some money. The classified ads also have horses for sale; with this you still have no idea what you are getting. In all the states the price of a horse runs differently. Some states have their horses for sale at a higher price than the next. The area in which you purchase the horse and the breed of the horse does make a big difference in the price.

The racehorses will be more expensive than a workhorse if the bloodline in strong in the horse. Ponies, miniature horses are not too expensive for a first time horse owner. If you are looking to purchase horses for breeding, racing, show and competition, get the advice from a trainer on how much you should pay for the horse and where the best place to purchase the horse. Don’t forget to ask the trainer if they have any horses available to sell. You can afford any horse; it all depends on how much you can spend. Be sure to always ask about the history of the horse, this way you are not spending more to fix the horse after you have purchased it.