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Cat Friendly Accommodations

When you think of cat friendly accommodations, you should consider both local housing as well as accommodations far from home (motels, hotels and other lodges). Always be sure when looking for an apartment or other rental unit to inquire about whether they allow pets and how many pets and what kinds they allow. Cats are generally more acceptable in rental situations than dogs due to their size. Furthermore, when you are purchasing a house, if there is a home owners association, check the number of cats you are allowed. A number of home owners associations limit the number of cats to two per household which might put you in violation if you have more.

Many hotels and motels do not allow cats because of the potential damage cats could do to the room and that future guests might be allergic to cats. In fact the majority of US hotels and motels do not allow guests to have pets of any sort in their rooms! Cat friendly accommodations when traveling should be explored prior to starting out on your trip. With the increase in the use of the Internet, there are many websites that can be searched for cat friendly accommodations. In addition, check your local library or bookstore for travel guides that include cat friendly accommodations. Auto clubs and travel organizations that you may belong to may have lists of hotels that welcome cats. It is important to call ahead and confirm the pet-friendly status of your lodgings a few days prior to your departure since rules about accepting cats can change without notice.

Hotels and motels that do allow cats to spend the night may have a limited number of rooms, so it recommended that you make your reservations well in advance. Many hotels that do allow cats and other pets, will charge a per night fee or a per stay fee. Some even require a refundable deposit.

One way to guarantee that hotels and motels will continue to provide cat friendly accommodations is to be a first-class cat owner. Treat your accommodations like you would your own home. Be understanding of people’s concerns about pets by following these guidelines and any other rules the establishment has:

Always clean up after your pet. This includes any spilled cat litter. Never leave your cat alone in your room unless he is in his carrier. This will also prevent your cat from escaping in case the hotel staff needs to enter your room for some reason such as cleaning. Leaving the Do Not Disturb sign on the door will limit the staff to enter only during emergencies. If damage does occur such as the cat scratching the furniture, report the damage and discuss reparations. Transport your cat from room to car in a cat carrier or on a leash.

No one likes to be left behind on vacation, including your cat! A little forethought to where you spend your nights and locating cat friendly accommodations ahead of time will make life on the road with kitty a pleasant experience.