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Hiding Cat

Hiding Cat: Cats usually hide because they are scared or frightened. There are many reasons why a cat can be scared or frightened, such as: a new home, a stranger, a child, a new animal, a loud noise or even a car ride. Sometimes it could even be a health problem. First thing you should do is take the cat to the Veterinarian. If they Vet says everything is fine with your cat then you should let the cat continue to hide until it is ready to come out on its own. Give it its space.

Make sure to give your cat fresh food, water and clean litter. When your cat eventually starts to come out, start slow with it. Let the cat come to you. Start with petting it head and ears. Keep the petting to a minimum at first. As the cat continues to come back to you, you can eventually start playing with it. To solve the reason why the cat went into hiding, try finding out what scared it.

This can be a slow process and you will need patience. Try introducing it to the cat at a distance while you're feeding it treats and praising her. Try to move it a little closer to the cat as you continue to give the cat more treats and more praise. If the cat starts to act fearful move it away and stop. You do not want to send the cat back into hiding. You can try it a few times a day but only move it a very little at a time. This can be a very slow process. Don’t rush the cat to accept it. If the problem was a car ride, try getting the cat used to a car carrier. You can put the carrier in a room the cat is comfortable with and put a few treats inside. Let the cat go in the carrier by itself. Once the cat goes in you can put a few more treats in. After a few times the cat goes in, close the door for a minute. Don’t close the door each time but when you do close the door leave the cat in there a little longer. Try to get the cat to eventually stay in it for 15-20 minutes. Then eventually you can start taking the cat on very short rides in the car. Each time should be a little longer then the last.