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Bird Obedience Training

Bird obedience training starts with deciding on a few simple commands you want your bird to be able to follow. These commands must be simple and specific, and consistency is a critical component of bird obedience training. One of the easiest, and most practical, obedience tasks is to teach your bird to “step up” on command. This will not only be useful when getting him out of his cage regularly but can also help you keep your bird calm in unfamiliar situations, such as when strangers are present or when you need to take your bird to the vet.

Before beginning bird obedience training, start by choosing a good location for the training. Ideally, this should be an enclosed room that he is already familiar with, with minimal distractions. Be sure, of course, that the room is entirely safe for the bird. Close all windows and doors, if possible, and be sure the room is well-lit. It is usually best to conduct bird obedience training away from the bird’s cage, so that he is not distracted by the cage.

When conducting bird obedience training, always remember to keep the training sessions short and fun. Maintain an upbeat tone of voice, praise the bird frequently, and offer training rewards consistently. Begin by demonstrating the behavior you are looking for, while saying the command in a clear and friendly voice. If you are trying to teach your bird to step up on your hand, you can hold your hand out to the bird and gently press on the lower part of the bird’s abdomen with your index finger while saying, “Step up.” When their bellies are pressed gently like this, most birds will automatically step up. When your bird successfully steps up, praise him and offer him a reward.

Praise and training rewards should be given to the bird immediately after the desired behavior is performed, and should be used consistently during bird obedience training. Giving your bird his training reward without delay helps to keep the connection between the specific behavior and the reward clear. Waiting until the bird has performed several different behaviors before offering bird training rewards can confuse the bird. Likewise, be consistent in the type and amount of reward offered during bird obedience training. Changing the type or amount of bird training rewards given for a single type of behavior can be confusing to the bird.

Any behavior taught through bird obedience training needs to be reinforced regularly. Practice with your bird each day, being sure to keep the bird obedience training sessions short and fun. Be sure to be patient and consistent during your bird obedience training; the rewards of a well-behaved bird are well worth it.