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Livestock Grooming

Livestock Grooming keeps animals happy and disease free. Here’s all you need to know about Livestock Grooming.

Why is Livestock Grooming Important?

Livestock Grooming keeps parasites, tics, lice and other unwanted diseases away from the animal. Not all livestock need to be groomed every day, but all of them need clean living areas.

Some animals need Livestock Grooming more often than others. Hoofed animals such as horses, sheep and goats, need to have their hooves trimmed on a regular basis. Sheep need to be sheared in the spring and horses need to be brushed frequently.

Livestock Grooming is Fairly Easy

Livestock Grooming can be time consuming, but it’s generally fairly easy. To keep livestock clean, create a clean environment that’s healthy for the animal. As a general rule, house your livestock in clean, dry, well ventilated areas.

Change the animal’s water every day to prevent parasites from living in the water and traveling to the pet. Do not clean livestock water holders in your kitchen sink because this can cause salmonella.

Livestock Grooming includes the task most people dread the most; cleaning out the droppings. No, cleaning droppings is not fun, but it must be done every single day. While you’re in there getting the droppings, also pick up any uneaten food. Uneaten food can rot, which causes unwanted bacteria and growth.

Not every livestock animal has to have its pen cleaned every day. Keep an eye on the condition of pen. If it starts to get wet, collects bugs or smells more than usual, change it out.